EYEWITNESSES AT THE SOMME A Muddy and Bloody Campaign 1916-1918

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Tim Cook’s book is a magnificent tribute to the Australians of the 55th Battalion. This book has been ill-served by at title that makes it unclear as to it’s real nature, an excellent Australian unit history!

In the aftermath of the 1915 Gallipoli campaign, 3rd Battalion of 1st Brigade was split to allow the creation of 55th Battalion – part of the new 14th Brigade in the 5th Australian Division then in Egypt.
When deployed to the Western Front, the 55th took part in the disastrous attack on Fromelles on 19 July 1916. Although originally in support, they were soon sucked across No Man’s Land and ended up trapped.
The battalion then moved to the Somme, more hard fighting followed at the capture of Doignies and in the Battle of Bullecourt in the spring of 1917. They were deployed in the successful attack at Polygon Wood on 26 September 1917. Their story gains pace in 1918, with the 55th, alongside the rest of the Australian Corps, playing a notable part in the final Allied offensives.

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