EYEWITNESS TO THE PENINSULAR WAR AND THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO The Letters and Journals of Lt Col James Stanhope 1803 to 1825

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An important addition, impeccably edited by Gareth Glover, to the already extensive literature on the Peninsular campaigns and the Battle of Waterloo, it is deserving a place on shelves of any serious collector of Napoleonic History. A whole chapter is devoted to Barrosa, of which there are few first-hand descriptions: an action `the most important feature of which’ was `the non co-operation of the Spaniards’. Although their army was no distance from the battlefield, not one of their officers `thought it necessary even to see if we were cut to pieces … not one musket was fired in our aid’. At Ciudad Rodrigo, a 9lb shot grazed Stanhope’s right leg, passed through his horse and narrowly missed his left knee.When commenting on the failed siege of Burgos and Wellington’s retirement to Portugal, Stanhope refers to the fact that the Spanish troops which for two years had been `organising in the Galicias cannot stand against French conscripts who had been 20 days from Bayonne though they have British soldiers by their side as an example’.

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