COUNTERINSURGENCY IN PARADISE Seven Decades of Civil War in the Philippines

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Best known as former colony and exotic tourist location, the Republic of the Philippines has seen civil unrest, insurgencies and separatism movements ever since independence in 1946. Endemic corruption, human rights violations, ethnic strife and a shaky economy have fuelled wars that have been raging on and off for almost 70 years. Against this backdrop the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been increasingly underfunded, and have to make do with obsolete planes, ships, light armoured vehicles, and artillery dating back to World War II. Since the end of the Cold War, the Philippines have been in the unique and unfortunate situation of simultaneously facing the terrorist Abu Sayyaf group and so called ‘lost commands’, the Marxist uprising of the New People’s Army, while trying to maintain a tenuous cease fire with the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

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