CONFRONTING CASE BLUE Briansk Front’s Attempt to Derail the German Drive to the Caucasus, July 1942

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While David Glantz gave us a broad perspective of Case Blue that lasted for over two months in his “To the Gates of Stalingrad”, Mr Sdvizhkov takes a more narrow perspective. His book looks at one particular Soviet counter offensive that lasted a week and had the objective of isolating then destroying the German bridgehead on the Don in the Voronezh sector. The author does a very good job of describing not only the operational attacks but also the reasons why the Soviet progress didn’t meet up with its expectations: poor planning, poor leadership, poor preparations, poor logistics, poor training, insufficient weaponry and poor communications between infantry, armour and air. Sdvizhkov also presents a thoughtful after action report that includes a discussion of the disappearance of General Liziukov. There are ten small area coloured maps that are well populated and will be helpful in following the action. An extensive Appendix, Bibliography and Index follows.

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