CHESHIRE BANTAMS 15th, 16th and 17th Battalions of the Cheshire Regiment


Concentrating on a little known, but unique Great War organisation, this is a major study of ‘The Bantams’. Raised in Birkenhead in 1914, the Bantams were unique as the average height of the volunteers was a mere five foot. Despite their lack of stature, they fought with honour on the Somme before being decimated. McGreal explains well how the battalions began to lose their bantam nature, as drafts were not of the same ilk as the original volunteers and once conscription came in, the official bantam status was dropped. It goes without saying that his coverage of movements and actions in France is exemplary. There are many stories of individuals and acts of gallantry, too, which is rounded off in a comprehensive listing of awards, which includes citations where they could be found. The book also includes a roll of honour.

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