BY THE EMPEROR’S HAND Military Dress and Court Regalia in the Later Roman-Byzantine Empire

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Detailed literary and artistic sources, archaeology and insights derived from reconstruction and practical experience has gone into creating an incredibly lavish picture of the clothing of the longest-enduring political entity in history.
This book is a fantastic overview of Roman clothing in the medieval period, stretching from the mid 6th to the mid 15th century, with gorgeous and extraordinarily accurate and well researched illustrations this book, which has been a decade or more in the making, is extraordinarily well researched. The book uses a myriad of surviving textile fragments, primary and secondary textual sources, and Romano-Byzantine art to effectively reconstruct the clothing of the period.
One of the books best aspects is that it takes all the advanced terminology regarding Roman clothing and breaks it down, so a less-knowledgable reader can discern what the author is referring to when the author assemble a panoply of dress for a particular court official or military rank. In many cases, it serves as a guide to reconstructing medieval Roman dress for re-enactment purposes.

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