BRITISH WARSHIP RECOGNITION Album 1 Capital Ships 1895-1939 Perkins Identification


Considered to be an “amateur photographer”, Richard Perkins tirelessly compiled and diligently drew an epic collection of hand-drawn profile recognition illustrations, he organised and categorised just about every single ship afloat within the Royal Navy between 1860 and 1939 as well as keeping track of their alterations and documenting them along the way.
Volume 1&2 cover armoured ships (1860-91), battleships(1893-1938),battlecruisers (1907-18) and aircraft/seaplane carriers (1893-1937)
These albums are one of the most important reference collections housed in the National Maritime Museum and the publication in printed book form is of utmost importance for every enthusiast and ship modeller, bearing in mind that they reproduce all the drawings at full size and in colour.

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