BRITISH MILITARY LAND ROVERS Leaf-Sprung Land Rovers in British Military Service

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This hugely comprehensive book looks at the story of the leaf-sprung Land Rovers used by all three of Britain’s armed services – the Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. It lists and describes the different types, setting them in their context both as products of the Rover (and later, Land Rover) companies and as military equipment designed to meet a particular need at a particular time. There are copious illustrations, many never published before, and the lists of the vehicles themselves are as exhaustive as the authors have been able to make them in the light of surviving records. British Military Land Rovers aims to cover every leaf-sprung type in use between the first deliveries in 1948 and the final ones in 1985 – by which time the core Land Rover product no longer depended on leaf springs but on a more modern coil-spring suspension design. This is unquestionably the most detailed book yet published about the subject.

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