BATTLESHIPS OF THE IOWA CLASS A Design and Operational History


As the title makes clear, this book is about the fast battleships of the “Iowa” class. Four of these ships were built by the U.S. Navy during W.W.II. Another two were partially constructed, then scrapped after the war. All four completed ships enjoyed long careers, providing service around the globe until the last ship, the Missouri (BB 63) was decommissioned in 1992. Since that time, all four ships remain in civilian service as floating museums, a testament to their long, invaluable service, and quality of design and construction. They are presently docked at Camden, New Jersey; Norfolk, Virginia; Los Angeles, California; and Pearl Harbour, Hawaii..
Diagrams are sprinkled throughout the book to provide additional specifics about key components such as gun turrets, AA and missile mounts, and camouflage patterns. There is an abundance of black-and-white images as well as full colour pictures which provide a close-up, sailor’s-eye look into the ship’s history.

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