BATTLE OF NEUVE CHAPELLE Britain’s Forgotten Offensive Of 1915

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This is a recent and interesting WW1 hardback battle study, with a decent page count of 256, that at £4.99 against the cover price of £25 looks very good value and extremely tempting to add to any Great War library.

Taken from Chris Bakers 4 star review
The British attack at Neuve Chapelle on 10 March 1915 deserves a fresh study. It was not the first large scale British attack in France: the badly mishandled and costly efforts of mid-December 1914 (part of which was on the ground over which the Neuve Chapelle action was fought) take that place. But it was the first where a concentrated force was deployed, with a specific objective. It has some very interesting aspects, notably the combined British and Indian force that took part; the fact that that force was to a large extent improvised and inexperienced after the punishing losses of 1914; the (for the time) very heavy concentration of firepower that played a vital part in the capture of the village; and the blurred thinking about objectives which not only included the short advance to capture Neuve Chapelle but a vague desire to move onto the Aubers Ridge and even to sweep onto Lille beyond. Paul Kendall’s book covers it all in good detail, including many personal accounts that help bring it all alive. As such, it is of value and worth reading.

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