BATTLE OF KURSK Controversial and Neglected Aspects

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Zamulin has chosen 11 specific issues that he felt were either not given sufficient acknowledgement over the years or needed greater clarity or needed to be corrected to some degree. These topics are: The past, current and future research and literature on the campaign: The Kastornoe Cauldron: Von Manstein’s successful counteroffensive in early March 1943 and how it influenced Operation Citadel: Could Germany have won the campaign if it was launched in late May or early June: Did Vatutin error in his defence of Operation Citadel: What was the real strength and fighting condition of 9th Army at launch time: Central Front’s intelligence gathering on the eve of Operation Citadel: Counter artillery and its impact on the campaign: From a command and control viewpoint: Prokhorovka: A look at two tank commanders at Kursk General Katukov and General Rotmistrov: Prokhorovka an evolution of a myth about being the largest tank battle of the war.

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