IThe first book written about Britain’s premier army base in the First World War. The book contains and explores the following: * The first published record of the troops in Aldershot on 4 August 1914. * The first published list of officers and men from Aldershot killed in the war. * Lists the dead from WWI in Aldershot Cemetery. * Outlines the activities of crucial figures in the War such as Smith-Dorrien, Haig and French in Aldershot in the period before the War. * Traces the growth development of aircraft manufacture at Farnborough under the guidance of Mervyn O’Gorman from a balloon factory to major aircraft manufacture. * Highlights the changes in the social fabric of Aldershot during the war. * Records the experience of Aldershot as a premier training base through the eyes of Anthony Eden, Wilfred Owen and men of all ranks.

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