AIRCRAFT CARRIER IMPERO The Axis Powers’ V-1 Carrying Capital Ship


This is an exhaustive historical review of the Impero and Regia Marina’s developments as well as the dramatic story of the lack of co-operation and strategic insight with Regia Aeronautica before and during the WW2 . From 1941, Italy had been developing a top-secret project to install guided rocket weapons aboard aircraft carriers. Campini Capron’s revolutionary guided rocket weapon, the DAAC, which would later become Hitler’s Henschel HS-117 Schmetterling (Butterfly), was the selected projectile. Classified intelligence on the V-1 flying bomb and other aircraft projects were acquired and then discarded Also, a final evaluation of the revolutionary Pugliese anti-torpedo system, based on unpublished German and Russian documentation, is assessed. Despite some unusual translation from Italian to English this a good book for the battleship and military rocket enthusiast.

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