AFTER JUTLAND The Naval War in North European Waters, June 1916

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Rear Admiral Goldrick brings to the story insights as a seaman that no landsman could possibly achieve, and is also able to draw on his own Command experience. He is no mean researcher, as shown by his extensive references and bibliography. Consequently, what we get is a truly comprehensive account of naval events in the North Sea and the Baltic, from Jutland to the Armistice.There is considerable detail of various individual actions, they explained right down to the tactical and operational levels, which makes clear the reasons for their results.Besides the North Sea war between the RN (helped a little by the French and later more so by the USN) and Germany, we are shown the quite separate war going on in the Baltic between Germany and Russia (aided by a small number of intrepid British submarines). Mine warfare was key here – the Russians laid forty thousand – as in the North Sea where the RN eventually copied the German mine for greater effect.

The great deal of hard work that has gone into this book its lucidly presented in a comprehensive, balanced, and seamanlike manner.

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