127TH BATTALION, C.E.F.: 2nd Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops


In November 1915 , the York Rangers were granted permission to raise a complete Bn. for service with the CEF. Despite having already supplied twice their pre-war establishment as drafts for other CEF Bns, the Regiment found 1100 all ranks from York County, Southern Ontario. As 127th Cdn Inf Bn, they reached England in August 1916. Many of the officers and other ranks had worked in in the engineering and railway industries so, when the Railway Construction Corps was formed, the Bn was assigned to it as 2nd Bn,Cdn Railway Troops.
This book is an excellent account of its work, usually under shellfire, constructing light railway tracks at Bapaume, Messines, Ypres, Arras Ect. In April 1918 it was thrown into the line to fight as infantry. Some officers are mentioned in the text, and the appendixes are very detailed, but the main interest is the coverage of combat engineering. A Roll of Honour KIA,DOW, DOD, WIA, and MIA, by year, Honours and Awards, and a list of Officers complete this history.