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War Office manual of ammunition and explosives 1915. Includes details of all shell and small arms ammunition.The volume includes 115 colour plates and black and white drawings.
This Naval and Military Press series on military technology continues with this very important publication, which gives details of all ammunition in use by the British Army at the end of 1914. With few exceptions, it covers ammunition, explosives and propellants in service to the end of the First World War. Every military historian, war gamer, re-enactor and reader should be familiar with the technology associated with the tactics, and this series of reprints aims to provide that information. No true, objective appreciation of tactical operations is possible without a basic knowledge of the weapons and ammunition being used at a specific point in time, and the series will serve as a continuing source of the relevant information. This volume covers explosives, propellants, fuses and igniters, together with details of all QF and QFC ammunition for field guns. It also covers military pyrotechnics and signal flares, together with the sole British hand grenade. Other sections deal with small arms ammunition, and there is a section on the manufacture of the items covered in this important volume. The volume includes many colour plates and black and white drawings.


Product Code: 6791
Author: War Office
Format: SB 592pp.plates, (115 in colour) illustrations, 2003 N&MP Reprint of 1915 Original Edition Published Price 68
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Retail Price: £68.00
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