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SS ELITE VOLUME I The Senior Leaders of Hitlerís Praetorian Guard

The Senior Leaders of Hitlerís Praetorian Guard  

RRP: £45.00
OUR PRICE: £18.99  

A detailed examinationóin words and picturesóof the principle figures in the SS. A massive, and lavishly illustrated group biography of the SS's leaders. Originally Hitler's bodyguards, these men became the heads of the most feared terror and fanatical fighting formation in Nazi Germany. A must for all serious students of Third Reich history.
In the turbulent times of the post-World First War era, new political parties emerged frequently in Germany, many with opposing extremist policies. The Communist movement grew out of the Socialist working classes using the Russian Bolshevik Party as a template. In direct opposition, the new National Socialist German Workers Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, occupied the extreme right-wing position. Head-on conflict was inevitable and both parties organised violent demonstrations against each other. Hitler recognised that he was physically vulnerable and ordered the formation of his own protection squad, made up of loyal men who would not shirk from a fight. From the rudimentary ranks of Hitler's select few grew the infant SS, a modern praetorian guard, which developed over the years into a massive and efficient military style force with tentacles spreading into all elements of everyday life in Nazi Germany. To administer this organisation, Hitler appointed leaders upon whom he could rely. Many names remain obscure, but this book highlights who they all were and how they appeared. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title.


Product Code: 25070
Author: Max Williams
Format: HB, 656 pp Weighted Shipping. Published Price £45
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Retail Price: £45.00
Our Price: £18.99 save 58% 


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