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SOLDIERS OF THE LEIBSTANDARTE : SS-Brigadefuhrer Wilhelm Mohnke and 62 Soldiers of Hitler’s Elite DIvision

SOLDIERS OF THE LEIBSTANDARTE : SS-Brigadefuhrer Wilhelm Mohnke and 62 Soldiers of Hitler’s Elite DIvision  

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Definitive history of one of the war's most notorious units, the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, which expanded from Hitler's personal bodyguards to a Waffen SS Panzer and Grenadier division. With hundreds of previously unpublished photos, award decorations, and based on the author's interviews with veterans, this is essential reading for all WW2 enthusiasts.
The history of the Leibstandarte is that of the Third Reich in miniature. Originally raised as a handful of ‘heavies' whose job was to guard the future Fhhrer at rowdy political meetings during the Nazis' rise to power, the ‘Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler' then became firstly Hitler's efficient and highly trained bodyguards - protecting his person at both the Reichschancellery in Berlin, and at his mountain retreat, the Berghof near Berchtesgaden in Bavaria's Alps. But as war neared, the Leibstandarte assumed its final role, increasing almost exponentially both in size and structure as it became the 1 SS Panzer-Division, the elite core of the Waffen SS, taking on increasingly important military roles in almost all overseas campaigns from the annexation of Austria to the final defence of Berlin in 1945. Author Thomas Fischer has written what must become the definitive history of this notorious force, He has gone to extraordinary lengths to track down and interview Leibstandarte veterans, from their commander Wilhelm Mohnke, who was with the unit from the beginning to the very end in the Berlin bunker; and there is a central focus on Sepp Dietrich who rose from barroom brawler to becoming one of the Reich's most respected Panzer commanders on the eastern and western fronts. Illustrated by more than 700 photographs, plus 165 images of award documents and more than 70 additional illustrations - the vast majority of them previously unpublished, including candid images of Hitler and Dietrich, - this book is both expert and revealing, and an objective history of a formation that, feared and hated though it was for its loyal and unflinching service to a criminal regime, was at the same time respected for its unmatched fighting qualities. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title..

Product Code: 10781
Author: Thomas Fischer
Format: HB. 354pp. B&W photographs
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Our Price: £95.00  


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