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SINK THE FRENCH! At War with an Ally, 1940

At War with an Ally, 1940

RRP: £19.99
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After the fall of France the French still possessed what was then the fourth largest navy in the world and, had that navy fallen into German hands, it would have done much to make Germany almost invincible on the high seas. This book examines the confused political situation and the very real British fears that, in conjunction with the Vichy government, French warships were in serious danger of being handed over to Nazi Germany as an act of appeasement.
The victorious German Blitzkrieg assault on Holland, Belgium and Northern France placed Anglo-French relations under huge strain. The Vichy surrender raised real British fears that the Germans would force the French Fleet, the fourth largest in the world, to turn against their former ally, while in fact their orders were to scuttle in the event of the Germans attempting to seize them. Sink the French examines the background to the fall of France and its consequences, most particularly the way the French Navy was dealt with. It studies the confused situation that the chaos of devastating defeat created including the rise of a relatively junior French general, Charles de Gaulle who was smuggled out of France by the RAF on the night of 16/17 June. Elsewhere French ships were boarded and seized by the British, and at Oran their Fleet was bombarded by the Royal Navy. There were numerous other incidents with French aircraft bombing Gibraltar.


Product Code: 25323
Author: David Wragg
Format: Hardback 256 pages Published Price £19.99
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Retail Price: £19.99
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