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SIEGE OF MALTA 1940-1943

SIEGE OF MALTA 1940-1943  

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The island of Malta was a vital British toehold in the Mediterranean halfway between Europe and North Africa. Besieged and bombed by Italian and German forces Malta won the George Cross and the island's' story is a heroic epic of the war. Historian Ernle Bradford tells the heroic story of one of the longest sieges in history.
Situated midway between Europe and Africa, the island of Malta played a central role in the battles for the mastery of North Africa in the Second World War. The island was the vital supply base for British and Imperial troops in the to-and-fro desert campaigns against, first, Italy and then Germany and Rommel's Afrika Korps. The three-year siege of Malta was one of the longest in history. In this thrilling account the author, who first came to know and love Malta whilst serving with the Royal Navy during the Second World War, paints a vivid picture of the suffering of the island and its population. He draws on personal accounts and reminiscences of the participants; he tells of the occasional despair that turned to joy when the convoys got through with much-needed supplies, and of the bravery of both the civilians and the armed forces stationed there that uniquely won for Malta the George Cross.


Product Code: 22940
Author: Ernie Bradford
Format: SB 248 pp Published Price £12.99
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