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ORDERS of BATTLE. Second World War 1939-45.

Second World War 1939-45.  

OUR PRICE: £48.00  

Complete Order of Battle of all British and Empire formations in all WW2 theatres. An invaluable record now available for the first time since its original publication.
Complete Order of Battle of British Army and Colonial Formations and Units in all theatres of war. Details include composition, subordinations, theatres in which served, names of commanders ó all with dates, including those of any changes. War establishment of all types of divisions and brigades with details of changes authorised during the war. Included is a supplement listing all formations and units engaged in the Battle of El Alamein and the D Day Landings in Normandy on 6/7 June 1944. A monumental work of reference, originally published in a limited edition, and virtually unobtainable since then. The original 2 volumes are published as one volume containing all that was in the original two volumes as follows: Volume I: Divisions Composition and War Establishment of Divisions Armoured, Cavalry, Tank and Motor Machine Gun Brigades Volume II: Infantry Brigades Parachute and Airlanding Brigades Colonial Brigades Miscellaneous Brigades (including Special Forces) GHQ., Army Group, Army and Corps Troops British Units which served under Indian Army Command Formations and Units engaged in the Battle of El Alamein and The Assault Landings in Normandy.

Product Code: 6579
Author: By Lt Col HF Joslen
Format: SB 628pp, 2003 N&MP Reprint of 1960Original Edition Published Price £48
Shipping Time: Usually despatched within 2-5 Days
Our Price: £48.00  

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