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Napoleonic Library ON THE FIELDS OF GLORY The Battlefields of the 1815 Campaign

Napoleonic Library ON THE FIELDS OF GLORY
The Battlefields of the 1815 Campaign  

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A detailed topographical guide to the whole Waterloo campaign - the prelude, climax and aftermath of the great battle - from the viewpoints of both the Allied British, Prussian and Dutch victors and the French losers.
A sparkling history of the Waterloo campaign ē Serves as a guide to the 1815 battlefields ē Complete with numerous eyewitness accounts, this spirited history of the 1815 campaign provides a new and stimulating account of the epic confrontation at Waterloo and, in addition, acts as a reliable guide to the battlefield and all related sites. The authors have divided the battlefield of Waterloo into three distinct sectors: one for each of the three armies involved. This allows the reader to follow the fighting from three different perspectives and gain an objective understanding of the dramatic course of the battle. The authors also make use of vivid eyewitness testimony, drawn from participants in all three armies, and this brings to life the epic battle and provides a dramatic backcloth to the rapid course of events. Previously unpublished letters from British officers, the recollections of a Dutch-Belgian staff officer, and the memoirs of a French colonel of cuirassiers all contribute to an understanding of just what it was like to fight in one of Europe's most crucial confrontations. In addition to covering Waterloo itself, this important book also examines the tense situation in Brussels as the French drew near, the aftermath of the battle, the battle at Wavre, the Prussian pursuit and Marshal Grouchy's stubborn defence of Namur. Andrew Uffindell is an authority on the 1815 campaign. He has first-hand knowledge of the campaign's battlefields and is also the author of The Eagle's Last Triumph. Michael Corum is an author and military historian living in California.


Product Code: 25339
Author: Michael Corum, Andrew Uffindel
Format: Hardback, 360 pages Published Price £25
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Retail Price: £25.00
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