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Medieval Siege and Siegecraft

Medieval Siege and Siegecraft  

RRP: £19.99
OUR PRICE: £3.99  

A book which traces the development of siege warfare in the Middle Ages, showing us how siege technology altered the whole history of Medieval conflict and giving examples from a selection of famous sieges.
Medieval military history is replete with the stories of sieges, yet argues Geoffrey Hindley in this well-informed book, the art and craft of siege warfare is rarely given the credit it deserves. Putting this right in his valuable work, Hindley traces the development of fortification and siege equipment such as trebuchets and mangonels, explores the psychology of sieges; and follows the roles played by women and civilians. He illustrates the tactics of siege warfare with a selection of vivid case studies of famous sieges both in Europe and the Holy Land. His accessible and stimulating study will appeal to all who have an interest in Medieval warfare.


Product Code: 21043
Author: Geoffrey Hindley
ISBN: 9781844157976
Format: HB 182 pp Illustrated Published Price 19.99
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Retail Price: £19.99
Our Price: £3.99 save 80% 


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