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An account of the parts played by the ten battalions of the Regiment that went on active service.The decision of Simpson, Colonel of the Regiment, to put his name to the history was somewhat disingenuous for in fact Everard Wyrall was employed to compile the work
When war broke out in August 1914 the Lincolnshire Regiment consisted of two Regular, one Special Reserve and two Territorial battalions; during the course of the war a further 14 battalions were raised including a Labour Battalion (12th). Ten went on active service, all on the Western Front, one of them (6th) was also at Gallipoli. This volume gives an account of the doings of those ten battalions, concluding with the Roll of Honour of the officers, arranged in alphabetical order but without identifying battalion, and then the WOs, NCOs and Men, listed in alphabetical order but by battalions. A third appendix contains the list of Honours and Awards, also listed alphabetically but without dates or reference to battalion. This section of the book takes up 106 pages. There is a very short index which does at least feature each battalion, making up for the lack of such references in the contents, so you can find the battalion you are looking for. The total dead amounted to 8,800; three VCs were won and 58 Battle Honours awarded. This history has been compiled, principally, from War Diaries of battalions in the field, supplemented by the notes of officers who read the original draft, as well as by reference to despatches and to official and other records. The contents are arranged in chronological order in a series of nine parts, each covering a specific period in the war and describing the actions of the various battalions engaged. It reads easily, and when describing battles or engagements it mentions personalities and gives casualty figures incurred. Books like this are published primarily for those who served in the regiment, and so there should be plenty of names which not only served at the time to keep the memory fresh but also provide a bonus for those engaged in historical or genealogical research research.


Product Code: 7428
Author: Maj-Gen C.R. Simpson
Format: 2002 N & M reprint. Original pub 1931. SB. xvi + 511pp with 24 b/w illus and 44 maps and plans. The illus are drawiings by C.Simpson, R.I. son of the editor of this volume. Published Price £22
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