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This exemplary regimental history tells the story of the Infantry and Cavalry elements of the Indian Army's Guides after they went their separate ways in 1921. The cavalry were mechanised in 1940 to fight in North Africa, while the infantry saw service in Persia, Iraq and Kurdistan - and both policed the turbulent North West Frontier.
Continuing the story of the Guides, one of the Indian Army's legendary regiments after its reorganisation in 1921. This takes the Regiment through to the partition of India on independence from Britain in 1947. The author succeeds in skilfully blending the divergent experiences of the Regiment's cavalry and infantry elements after their 1921 separation. During this period the Guides were again involved in their traditional work of policing the always turbulent North West Frontier - especially in Waziristan in 1937. On the outbreak of the Second World War, the Guides cavalry were mechanised in 1940, when light vehicles replaced horses. The Guides cavalry operated as a reconnaissance unit in the western desert during the North African campaign, before converting to armoured cars then tanks back in India. The Guides' infantry units served during the Second World War in Persia, Iraq and Kurdistan. This is an exemplary history of a proud and honourable unit.

Product Code: 12342
Author: Lieut. General Sir George McMunn
Format: 2010 N&M Press reprint of revised edition (original pub 1950). SB. x+208 pp + 28 illustrations and 8 maps and plans Published Price £14.50
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Our Price: £14.50  


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