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Called "the best regiment in the world" and "my invincibles" by Napoleon, the Chasseurs ŗ cheval of the Imperial Guard is one of the most famous French regiments of Napoleonic Wars, serving as the Emperor's habitual escort and important reserve in battle.This book is organized in six chapters, covering formation and organization, key unit personalities, campaign history, service as the Emperor's escort, uniforms and equipment and standards. This is a lot to cover in only 72 pages and given limitations of space, Chasseurs ŗ cheval of Napoleon's Guard provides a good general summary of the history and dress of this fascinating unit.The many illustrations are beautifully reproduced and include paintings, prints and specially commissioned drawings showing battle scenes, portraits of key figures, dress, weapons, equipment, horse furniture and standards. Most are in colour and produced sharply. There are also two maps depicting the battle of Austerlitz.
General Bonaparte's near capture during the pursuit of the Austrians in northern Italy in the spring of 1796 convinced him of the need to form a special unit to guard the army's headquarters on campaign. Thus, in May 1796, two units, the Guides ŗ Pied and the Guides ŗ cheval were created for this task. With the formation of the Consular Guard in 1799, came the creation of the Chasseur ŗ cheval de la Garde des Consuls, consisting of veterans of the Guides ŗ cheval and personnel drawn from other units. In 1804, the unit was redesignated the Chasseurs ŗ cheval de la Garde Imperial. The regiment fought in all the main campaigns of the period, in Italy, Egypt, Central Europe, Spain, Russia, France, and at Waterloo.


Product Code: 24436
Author: Miguel Angel Martin Mas, Dionisio Alvarez Cueto
Format: SB, 72 pp Published Price £25
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Retail Price: £25.00
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