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The tragic story related in this book, one of a series on Gallipoli, tells how the ambitious August 1915 offensive of Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton, designed to seize the Peninsular's commanding heights, failed despite the heroic efforts of the fighting men, because of the battle plan's tortuous complexity, and ferocious Turkish resistance orchestrated by Mustapha Kemal. It was the Allied last gasp at Gallipoli.
The August Offensive at Gallipoli was born out of the failures of the original landings and the subsequent battles of late spring and early summer 1915. General Sir Ian Hamilton, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, chose to play all his remaining cards in this daring and ingenious gamble that he hoped would finally turn the tide in the allies' favour and bring his army up onto the heights overlooking the elusive Dardanelles. However the plan's ingenuity became its eventual undoing. It required complex manoeuvring in tortuous terrain; whilst many of the attacking soldiers were already weakened by the hardships of four months of enduring hellish conditions on the Peninsula. What played out was heartbreakingly tragic; command failed the bravery and sacrifice of the fighting soldier. This Anzac offensive, fought by a combined force of British, Australian, New Zealand and Indian troops, made infamous places such as Lone Pine, The Nek, Sari Bair, Chunuk Bair, Hill Q, The Farm, Hill 971 and Hill 60. Although tantalisingly close to success, the offensive fell short of its objectives and the attack ground down to a stalemate - not least the consequence of the inspiring leadership of Mustapha Kemal. : later Kemal Ataturk, father of modern Turkey. Hamilton's gamble had failed. This is the story, told using a rich mix of letters, diaries, photographs and maps, of Gallipoli's last battles; the forlorn hope for a decisive victory.


Product Code: 25184
Author: Stephen Chambers
Format: Paperback, 244 pp Published Price 14.99
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