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BATTLE OF MAIDA 1806 Fifteen Minutes of Glory

Fifteen Minutes of Glory  

RRP: £12.99
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Almost forgotten today, the battle of Maida in southern Italy in 1806 was one of the first occasions when British land forces bested the famed armies of Napoleon's France. Under the command of Gen. Sir John Stuart a British force offered the first evidence that the armies of the great Napoleon were not after all invincible. Historian Richard Hopton has uncovered the full story.
A nation's history is littered with conveniently forgotten defeats and military disasters but it is unusual for significant victories to be ignored. Richard Hopton has uncovered the long overlooked defeat of Napoleon's forces by General Sir John Stuart at Maida, Southern Italy in 1806. For many years the only hint that there had been a triumph there has been the residential area of North West London that derives its name from the battle. Following Ulm and Austerlitz, Napoleon's reputation for military genius was fast becoming a morale problem for his opponents, in the same way that Rommel's prowess did some 240 years later. No small part of the significance of the Allied victory at Maida in 1806 was the proof it offered that the French under Napoleon were not invincible. The Author brilliantly describes the cast of colourful yet highly improbably characters who fate and circumstances brought together. Arguably pride of place must go to Ferdinand II, Ruler of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, whose eccentricity was only exceeded by his abject incompetence.


Product Code: 23998
Author: By Richard Hopton
Format: Paperback 208 pages Published Price £12.99
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Retail Price: £12.99
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