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Douglas Bader is famed not only as the legless air ace of the Battle of Britain - but as the leading advocate of the ĎBig Wing' theory of multi-squadron fighter deployment. This book examines the theory and asks how well it worked in the air.
Douglas Bader remains an authentic hero of the Second World War. Overcoming the devastating loss of his legs in a Ďstunt' performed while a brash young pilot, be became not just a Battle of Britain pilot but a tough leader who thought deeply about the tactics of Air Warfare. His advocacy of using fighter aircraft in multi-squadron ĎBig Wings' was accepted by the authorities, and Bader led a Wing of five squadrons until shot down over France where he made himself such a nuisance to his German captors that they temporarily confiscated his artificial legs. This book examines the tactics and strategy of the Big Wing, drawing on the views of such outstanding aces and air commanders as Johnnie Johnson, Laddie Lucas, Hugh Dundas Alan Deere and Sholto Douglas.


Product Code: 12873
Author: John Frayn Turner
Format: SB 176 pp Illustrated Published Price £19.99
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