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A superb biography of the great commander who stopped Rommel in his tracks at the first battle of El Alamein - only to be unfairly sacked by Churchill. Auchinleck rose by merit from obscure origins to high command, and closed his career in India where he had begun.
Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck was born in India and raised in conditions of near poverty. Yet his talent ensured his military career flourished despite his Indian Army background. He was the first Commander of 8th Army in North Africa. Despite great political interference from Churchill, he stopped Rommel's Afrika Corps in iks tracks at 1st Alamein, only to be unfairly sacked by Churchill. After a spell in the wilderness he became C in C India during the dark period of Partition and, ironically, had to preside over the destruction of his beloved Indian Army. A private man of great humour and integrity he refused to be drawn into discussing or criticising his tormentors be they Churchill, Montgomery or Mountbatten. He always argued that history would be his judge. This is a superb military biography of a great and unjustly traduced soldier that passes that judgement.


Product Code: 21870
Author: Philip Warner
Format: HB, 288 pp Published Price £19.99
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