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AT ROMMELíS SIDE The Lost Letters Of Hans Joachim Schraepler

The Lost Letters Of Hans Joachim Schraepler  

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Hidden for sixty years, this cache of letters from Rommel's adjutant during the early days of the desert campaign gives remarkable insights into the Desert Fox at the peak of his achievements. The letters cover the siege of Tobruk, the capture of Benghazi, unflattering German views of their Italian ally, and above all show us the commander of the Afrika Korps and his men in action.
Arguably the most famous commander of the Second World War, Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel, Germany's legendary Desert Fox, made his name in the Blitzkrieg campaign against France in 1940, when he led the spearhead of German armour which split the Allies and reached the Channel. His career also ended in France, in 1944, as Commander of the defence against D-Day in Normandy - until wounds from an aerial strafing compelled his retirement - and his forced suicide at the hands of Hitler, who suspected him of involvement in the plot to kill him. Rommel's greatest glory, however, resides in his command of the Afrika Korps in the desert War. In this fascinating book, his adjutant Hans Joachim Schraepler during the North African campaign in Libya in 1940-41, provides an intimate, close-up portrait of the great soldier through the almost daily letters that Schraepler wrote home to his wife. The period covered includes the siege of Tobruk, and the capture of Benghazi. Schraepler provides frank and unflattering assessments of Germany's Italian ally, complains about Berlin regarding the campaign as an unimportant sideshow and above all provides piercing insights into the personality and tactics of the great commander at his side. Rommel's fame was growing during Schraepler's time with him, and one of the adjutant's unofficial tasks was to reply to the fan mail arriving at Rommel's HQ. The editor of these letters, Hans Albrecht Schraepler, was only seven when his father died, and inherited the letters from his mother who had kept them secret for sixty years. Now this intimate correspondence is published for the first time - bringing us close to the real Rommel in action.


Product Code: 21529
Author: Hans Albrecht Schraepler
Format: HB Published Price £19.99
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Retail Price: £19.99
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