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Field Artillery, 1792-1815  

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Mr. Kiley approaches the topic from two angles. The first part of the book examines the technical side of the artillery, while the second half of the book looks at its usage in a variety of battles. In the first part, there are chapters on the development of the artillery; the strengths and weaknesses of the guns, carriages, and ammunition; the manning and firing of the guns; how the artillery was moved; and how a battery was organized and employed in combat. One of the strengths of the book is that for each topic, the author provides information on most of the major combatants of the period. Although much of the material is about the French, there is considerable amount on the British. The Russians, Austrians, Prussians, and the Americans are covered also, but to a lesser degree. The smaller nations, however, are only mentioned in passing.
Napoleon was an artilleryman before he was an emperor. He understood the power and effectiveness of cannon and their ability to pulverise defences, reduce fortresses and destroy attacks. And, in return, the guns won Napoleon battles. In this detailed study Kevin Kiley looks at artillery in use throughout the Napoleonic period. He examines Napoleon's own artillery as well as that employed by his enemies, and he evaluates the gunners' contribution to warfare in the period. By looking at particular battles in detail, Kevin Kiley shows just how the effective employment of artillery could tip the scales of victory. Artillery of the Napoleonic Wars reveals much of the technical aspects of gunnery during the period - how guns were placed, their range, what calibres were preferred, how artillery operated - he also looks at many of the personalities involved and the difference between gun gunnery and mediocre artillery. He examines French artillery, including that of the Imperial Guard, and compares it to that of Britain, Russia and Austria. Illustrated with beautiful line drawings and rare contemporary plates, this unique book reveals a whole new dimension to the Napoleonic period. Based on years of research into regulations of the period, eyewitness accounts of artillerymen and material culled from official reports this is a definitive account. Kevin Kiley, a lifelong student of the Napoleonic period, served for many years as an artillery officer and is currently a history teacher.


Product Code: 25352
Author: Kevin F. Kiley
Format: Hardback, 318 pages Published Price £25
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Retail Price: £25.00
Our Price: £6.99 save 72% Black Friday Price £5.59


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