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Classic account of two brilliant French victories which ended the war of the second coalition in 1800. At Marengo Napoleon himself turned defeat into victory with Gen. Desaix's decisive charge; while at Hohenlinden Gen. Moreau forced a superior Austrian army to capitulate and ended the war.
The Battle of Marengo, in the War of the Second Coalition, decisively defeated the Austrians in northern Italy and confirmed Napoleon's reputation as an invincible military genius which he had earlier established during his first Italian campaign. After the Paris coup which made him First Consul - and effectively dictator - in 1799, Napoleon crossed the Alps to confront the Austrians in Italy. Surprised by an Austrian attack on June 14th, a desperate Napoleon hurriedly recalled General Desaix, whom he had earlier sent away. Desaix, returning to the fray, launched a counter-attack, preceded by a short artillery bombardment. Although he was killed in the charge, Desaix's move was decisive and after a cavalry charge led by the future Marshal Kellermann, the Austrians fled, leaving more than 9,000 casualties on the battlefield. Napoleon left General Jean Moreau to chase the Austrians and their Bavarian allies back into Germany. On 3rd December, Moreau brought them to battle at Hohenlinden, near Munich, and inflicted another decisive defeat on a superior army, forcing the Austrians to make peace and end the war. The two battles, brilliantly recounted here in a classic Napoleonic campaign history by Col. George Furse, established Napoleon's France as the pre-eminent European power - a status it would enjoy for more than a decade.

Product Code: 11100
Author: Colonel George Armand Furse
Format: 2009 N&M Press reprint (original pub 1903). SB. vii+478pp with maps & illustrations. Published Price £18
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Our Price: £18.00  


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